Godwyn House Nursery

Currently all children, irrespective of need, have a statutory entitlement to part-time nursery education from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. This entitlement is for 15 hours per week over 38 week

This can be taken at Godwyn House Nursery as 5 morning session or 5 afternoon sessions over 36 weeks only as Godwyn House Nursery has a shorter academic year.


For pupils joining Godwyn House Nursery from September 2016: Please note that there is no admissions relationship between Godwyn House Nursery and Liverpool College. The allocation of a place in Godwyn House Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class at Liverpool College. This is a separate application process and places will be allocated using the reception class admissions process.

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Please click here to download the information booklet for 2016-2017.

After a careful review of the operations and medium term strategy of the College, the governors of Liverpool College have  reluctantly endorsed a decision that this academic year will be the last year of the operations of Godwyn House Nursery. Therefore we will not be accepting any further applications for Godwyn House Nursery. 


About Godwyn House Nursery

We strive to provide a happy, secure environment where the children feel valued as individuals and develop a positive attitude towards learning. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to develop lively and enquiring minds. We have high expectations and aim to foster a sense of pride in their achievements.

There is a morning and afternoon Nursery class in the Department. There is an excellent staffing ratio with a Nursery Nurse supporting the teacher in both Nursery classes. There is a balance of age, gender and ability within each Nursery class.

Pupils are taught by individual teaching, group teaching or class teaching, whichever is the most appropraite for the task in hand.

The early years are critical in terms of successful intellectual, creative, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development. It is our aim to provide a solid foundation on which all future learning is based.

By the time children leave the Nursery, we would expect they would:

  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour, and feel confident to initiate conversations and form good relationships with other children and familiar adults
  • Move freely and with pleasure and confidence
  • Be aware that print carries meaning and attempt mark making independently
  • Listen to stories with increasing attention and enjoyment and handle books carefully
  • Know information can be found in books
  • Use some number names and mathematical language accurately in play and show an interest in numerals in the environment
  • Show an interest in representing numbers
  • Show care and concern for living things and the environment

Godwyn House Nursery is situated in the Pre-Prep, which has its own secure building with play areas at the front and rear.


We have a carefully planned curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage in Nursery. We aim to extend children whenever possible whilst supporting those who need extra help.

There is a focus on the Prime Areas initially, these are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

Also as we are laying the foundations for all the children's future learning, literacy and numeracy assume a high profile.

Careful planning takes place at every stage and records of children's development and achievement are kept.

In Godwyn House Nursery, there is a balance of structured activities and free play throughout the curriculum. Developing children's social skills is a major part of the Nursery curriculum. The skills necessary to become a proficient reader are also given a high priority. We use a multi-sensory system called Jolly Phonics to develop the children's phonological understanding.

Good working habits are established and high standards of work and behaviour are expected.


Learning with Character

In 1840, Liverpool College was founded on a commitment to educate the whole person. Although we made this pledge over 170 years ago, it has never been more relevant than now.


LCA Love the journey

Our Curriculum – LCA+

We pursue our mission of Learning with Character through the LCA+ curriculum. LCA+ is a challenging, broad and engaging curriculum consisting of seven academic and subject strands and seven strands of personal and social education and development.




We educate children from 4 – 18 years old and welcome applications from parents both within and outside the Liverpool area. 


admissions consultation

Liverpool College is proposing making changes to its admissions arrangements from September 2020 and is undertaking a consultation with stakeholders on these proposed changes.