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GCSE Results 2018:  http://www.liverpoolcollege.org.uk/parents-pupils/liverpool-college-news/507-gcse-results-2018

GCE A Level Results 2018: http://www.liverpoolcollege.org.uk/parents-pupils/liverpool-college-news/506-a-level-results-2 


Certificates are distributed in school via the House System by the end of November. 

Leavers' Certificates will also be available to collect from College Reception during November. 



YELLIS Test Dates: Year 10: Tuesday 18 September and Wednesday 19 September 2018 

ALIS Test Dates: Year 12: Monday 17 September and Thursday 20 September 2018


University Admissions:  Test Date: Wednesday, 31st October 2018 at 9.00 am  https://www.admissionstesting.org/for-test-takers/

This session currently includes University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments and University of Oxford admissions tests

  • BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)  Medicine, Dentistry & related must take BMAT
  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge to study degrees in English at undergraduate level (single or joint honours) must take the English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT).
  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford to study History at undergraduate level (single or joint honours) must take the History Aptitude Test (HAT).
  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford to study Mathematics or Computer Science at undergraduate level (single or joint honours) must take the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT). It is also required by Imperial College London. Candidates taking the MAT to apply to Oxford and/or Imperial may also ask for their scores to be shared with the University of Warwick; but it should not be taken solely for applications to the University of Warwick.
  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford to study Modern Languages and/or Linguistics at undergraduate level (single or joint honours) must take the Modern Languages Admissions Test (MLAT)

  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford to study Physics, Material Sciences or Engineering at undergraduate level (single or joint honours) must take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT).

  • Candidates applying to the University of Oxford to study a range of undergraduate degree courses must take the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA).


November 2018 Public Examination Re-sits:  November 2018 Re-sits

December 2018 Mock Examinations: 

Year 11:     10 - 19 December 2018   http://www.liverpoolcollege.org.uk/images/downloads/ParentsPupils/Senior/Year-11-Trial-Exams-timetable.pdf

Year 13:     12 - 14 December 2018:  December_2018_Trial_Examinations GCSE & A Level


February 2019 Mock GCSE Examinations: Year 11 English & Mathematics

Monday 11th February 2019

8.30am        English Language                          1hr 45

1.30am        Mathematics 1 (non-calculator)   1hr 30

Tuesday 12th February 2019

8.30am       English Literature                          1hr 45

1.30pm       Maths 2                                           1hr 30

Wednesday 13th February 2019

8.30am       Mathematics 3                                1hr 30


Exam Self Care: 




Summer 2019 Public Examination Series Common Timetable Dates: GCSE:  13 May - 20th June    GCE/A Level: 13 May - 25 June

AQA:  https://www.aqa.org.uk/exams-administration/dates-and-timetables

Pearson/Edexcel GCSE:  https://qualifications.pearson.com/content/dam/pdf/Support/Examination-timetables-for-UK-Edexcel-GCSE/1906-GCSE-Final-Timetable.pdf 

Pearson/Edexcel GCE: https://qualifications.pearson.com/content/dam/pdf/Support/Examination-timetables/1906-GCE-Timetable-Final.pdf 

OCR:  https://ocr.org.uk/administration/stage-1-preparation/key-dates-and-timetables/exam-timetables/

WJEC/EDUQAS http://www.wjec.co.uk/exam-officers/Examination_Timetable_2019.pdf?language_id=1 


Results Days 2019  

GCE/A Level: Thursday, 15 August 2019    

A Level Results Day: Procedures

A Level Results Day:  Results Enquiries Form & Fees


GCSE: Thursday, 22 August 2019

GCSE Results Day: Procedures

GCSE Results Day:  Results Enquiries Form & Fees


Enquiries about Results (EARs) and Appeals Policy



Candidate Information:   Exam Room Posters:  Mobile 'Phones & Electronic Devices  &  Warning to Candidates

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Information to Candidates - Social Media

Information to Candidates - Non-Examination Assessments

Information to Candidates - Coursework Assessments

Information to Candidates - On screen Tests

Information to Candidates - Written Examinations

Information to Candidates - Privacy Notice

Examination Contingency Plan


For the Summer 2019 exam series a “contingency” exam day has been arranged by the examination awarding bodies. This contingency day for GCSE and/or A Level (or equivalent) examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations during the June 2019 examination series.”  The decision comes following the tragic events of last summer, namely the Manchester attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. The Joint Council for Qualifications have decided that they need the option to postpone an exam in the event of an incident and rearrange for a later date to allow all students a fair and equal chance. The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 26 June 2019. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 26 June 2019. This decision is not a school decision and does apply to all candidates in all schools. Please can all students/parents/carers make a note of the new contingency exam date in the event that an awarding body needs to invoke its contingency plan.