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U13-U14 Hockey League @ Bluecoat - Meet at 2.50pm - Outside the Principal's Office
Thursday 15 November 2018, 14:50 - 17:00
Dear Parents,

The following pupils have been selected to represent LC at the next round of the Hockey League on Thursday 15th November 2018. Pupils are to meet Miss Arnold at 2.50pm LATEST outside the Principal’s Office. Pupils will need to have lunch at the regular time – but must have plenty of fluids with them (water) and a warm coat – Plus if they have an umbrella that would be great.

Pupils will be walking to the venue.

Please Note – Pupils must not leave lessons until 2.45pm – This means they will pick up the majority of P5 lesson and not miss any academic work – P6 is activities.

Pupils may either come into school in kit or change at lunchtime.

PLEASE NOTE – There is no transport provided back to the College – Pupils will be supervised by Miss Arnold until parents pick up. Miss Arnold will have parental contact numbers with me in case of emergency.

I Would advise pupils keep in contact with parents (Mobile Phone) as to when the match will finish – Estimated - Start time 3.30ish.

If pupils are having problems getting back to the College – They can take the short walk with Miss Arnold.

1.Isabella Hughes
2.Evie Hannah
3.Fern PC
4.Ciara Prunty
5.Sadie Taylor(Capt)
6.Sophie Leader
7.Jessica Scott
8.Amelia Young
9.Aleksandra Stecewicz
10.Libby Harrison
11.Abigail Ali
12.Jessica Awoyale
13. Georgia Booth

1.Annabel A
2. Mia P
3. Leona SP
4. Madeleine E
5. Lucy N
6. Freya N
7. Ella N
8. Reese M
2.9 Emily M