Career Change into Teaching

One of our School Direct trainees, Mr O’Connell, shares his experience of the teacher training programme at Liverpool College and why he decided to change careers and become a teacher:

After 3 years as an accountant I decided to change career paths and go down the teaching route as I wasn’t getting a lot out of the work I was doing. I want to benefit people with the work I do and there is nothing more beneficial than helping pupils achieve their dreams.

The School Direct programme at Liverpool College is proving to be everything I was hoping it to be. I have had my first experiences of teaching a full class and being able to stand in front of them and get across my love of maths and motivate pupils to enjoy maths which gave me great pleasure and satisfaction. I have already learned so much from the first couple of weeks through observations of classes and the independent professional development classes. Learning and understanding everything that goes into becoming a teacher. The past week we have learned about SEN and the best ways we can help encourage, motivate and teach SEN pupils which is exciting.

I have hugely enjoyed my first few weeks on the programme which is helping me to develop my key skills in preparation for my future success as a teacher.

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