CCF Field Days

The past few weeks have been busy times for the CCF with our Field Days being a prominent feature. These days out are a vital opportunity to enhance the personal development that we deliver on a weekly basis and are always worth the effort they take to run. On Field Days, cadets have the opportunity to experience training on a much larger scale and to put into practice their learning thus far.

The feedback from them is always overwhelmingly positive and this year was no exception. Whether they were building and flying drones, sailing dingys, or getting hands-on with first aid casualty simulations, cadets were stretched and challenged.   As Major Ridley (CCF Contingent Commander) shared at the recent information evening, the benefits of pupils engaging with these experiences go far beyond the lessons of that day. Rather than share his own perspective, Major Ridley felt it worthwhile to allow the pupils to present their own experiences:

Navy Section

“My first time doing a field day with the Navy was absolutely amazing. It was a brand new experience that I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to do. It was a great chance for me to build friendships with new people and even teachers. Firstly we did motor boating with an instructor called Claire. She was so encouraging and really tried when trying to teach us all about driving the boat, after this we actually got a chance to drive the boat, this was a brand new experience and something I, Charlotte and Hannah really enjoyed. We learnt many new things like different knots and all about the gear system and cut cord in a boat. After lunch we moved onto sailing - it was me and Charlotte and we got off to a great start learning new things we were so excited to start and to my surprise we were really good! We only capsized once and I doubt it was my fault but even though we fell off it was really funny and made the whole sailing part of the day even better. I absolutely loved the Navy field day and cannot wait to go on the next one. I am so glad I joined the navy it really was amazing and a great opportunity.” - Francesca K (10 Howson's)

RAF Section

“The trip began with an hour long drive to the Altcar training camp for the North West’s Reserve Forces and Cadet’s association in Hightown. The group was split in half in order to do two different activities for specific periods of times. One group began going over their knowledge of camouflaging and how to effectively blend into an area’s surroundings. This then expanded into how to successfully ambush a group of people, to block off any escape routes as well as working on teamwork while doing so. This section then ended with a number of games which required covertness and the skills learnt during the ambushing, to play games such as ‘Capture The Flag’, and ‘Infected’. The other group began using paper airplane like drones, which required folding a piece of paper into an airplane specifically then adding the actual propeller controller mechanism, which was controlled using an app called “PowerUp”. Eventually the two groups then switched so that everyone covered both activities. The day overall provided a very exciting and adventurous outlook onto the RAF section, and I would look forward to other opportunities” - Eric D (10 Selwyn's)

Army Section

Yesterday, was a great experience as we had the chance not only to shoot at further distances and more rounds than we can in school, but we were able to get better at the principles of marksmanship which therefore made our shooting better. We had the chance to watch our peers shoot as well as some of the teachers and NCO’s and while doing that we learned about the technology used to detect where the rounds where going which a lot of us found interesting. I really enjoyed the day as I found the shooting really fun and exciting because I was able to see what I was doing wrong and the improvement as the day progressed. When we weren’t shooting it was enjoyable and just as fun as we socialised with everyone else in the room. It was a day I, and I am sure others, are looking forward to experience again. Erin L (11 Howson's)