Celebrating Pupil Success

It is never easy to make one’s way back to the routines of school life after a break, but for the 22 pupils in the senior school listed below who gained the most number of achievement points in the first half of the Michaelmas Term , the walk through the school gates after the half term break was a stroll towards their award lunch, catered by Domino's Pizza! 

  • Yassin Y (Brook’s) and Harrison D (Selwyn’s) – Top score
  • Visva S (Brook’s)
  • Erin B (Brook’s)
  • Laurence P W (Brook’s)
  • Scarlett T (Butler’s)
  • Rafi B (Butler’s)
  • Alhusain E (Butler’s)
  • Sienna K (Butler’s)
  • Mikaal C (Howard’s)
  • Mikayla D-C (Howard’s)
  • Zizi M (Howson’s)
  • Lucy N (Howson’s)
  • Matthew R (Howson’s)
  • Annabel A (School)
  • Harrison A (School)
  • Finlay T (School)
  • Hamid O (School)
  • Neve W (Selwyn’s)
  • Scarlet W (Selwyn’s)
  • Lucy C (Selwyn’s)
  • Gerrard J (Selwyn’s)

At the final assembly of the first half term, in addition to congratulating the achievement point winners, Mr Cook (Sports Coordinator) also made an award of a certificate and 50 house points for two pupils in each year group for their outstanding accomplishment and sportsmanship in games in the first half term:

  • Year 7: Harry H (Butler’s) and Amy P (Brook’s)
  • Year 8: Jude R (Brook’s) and Ruby K (Butler’s)
  • Year 9: Ethan F (Howson’s) and Alice D (Brook’s)
  • Year 10: Ross F (Butler’s) Charlotte B (Howson’s)
  • Year 11 Sebastian C (Howson’s) and Madison W (Howard’s)
  • Year 12: Michael C (Selwyn’s) and Anna D’A (Butler’s)
  • Year 13: Michael J (Howard’s) and Charlotte L B-B (Selwyn’s)