To Sleep with the Flowers of Red

Festival of Remembrance

The pupils and staff at Liverpool College have collaborated with Mossley Hill Church to explore the human suffering, sacrifice and courage of families during the Great War. We have used the expressive arts to try and help share the stories of our community at that time. This collaboration all came together at the Festival of Remembrance at the church on Saturday evening:

Pupils produced the public art installation ‘To Sleep with the Flowers of Red’ in the church gardens creating a field of red poppies from recycling plastic water bottles. The pupils developed the idea whilst studying a poem by an unknown World War One soldier ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ and the art work by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper.

Drama was represented by a play, written and performed by Mrs Hall, that was inspired by one of the many families who lost sons, husbands and brothers in battle and the plight of the women who were left behind. The piece focused upon the resilience of those families and the importance of the community they lived in.

‘When the fields are white with daisies’ was made famous by Florrie Forde (1876-1940), and was performed by pupils and parents from Liverpool College during the event. Many mothers had the heartbreak of seeing their sons head off to fight in the war, not knowing whether they would see them again. Some decided to form support groups to help each other through the ordeal which, amongst other things, included choirs. The original music was composed by C.M. Denison & W.A. Pratt in 1900, and the new arrangement performed on Saturday was by Mr Bishop (Director of Music)

Our Remembrance events continue this week with a special secondary phase assembly on Friday led by Major Ridley (CCF Contingent Commander) followed by our annual Parade and Service in the College Chapel on Remembrance Sunday.