Y8 Magistrates Court Law Project

Pupils in Year 8 interested in law were given the superb opportunity to participate in a National Law competition called Magistrates Court. This ‘Mock Trial Competition’ is part of the Young Citizens citizenship experiences and helps to improve young people’s life skills, their understanding of the justice system and the legal system, and helps them to understand that the law touches every aspect of their lives. Pupils are asked to take on the various roles in a trial and try a case against another school.

In order to assist the students with preparation for this trail, which will take place on Saturday March 30, Mr Richard Baker, a practising solicitor, came into the school on Tuesday to work directly with our school’s magistrates, legal advisers, court staff, witnesses, prosecutors and defence lawyers. Mr Baker clarified legal definitions relevant to the case they will be trying such as ‘dishonestly’, ‘appropriation’, ‘Standard of Proof’ and ‘jurisdiction’. He also explained the ‘Turnball Guidelines’ which lie at the heart of the case they will be trying. Our sincere thanks to Mr Baker for his time and incredibly valuable advice.

Mrs Doran