Miss Wendy E. Edwards RIP

Miss Wendy Edwards who died on 20 July after a long illness, was Headmistress of Huyton College from 1984 to 1991. She came to Huyton after a successful tenure as Director of Music at The Alice Ottley School, Worcester.

Miss Edwards was a firm believer in single-sex education for girls, and worked hard to enhance the reputation of the College in what was quite a crowded field. Huyton, unlike two “competitor” girls’ schools (and, incidentally, Liverpool College) did not have Assisted Places, so it was a tough assignment for the new Head.

She strove to raise academic standards, and gave particular attention to religious education, pastoral care and the spiritual life of the College, which was centred on the very attractive Chapel. She was especially supportive of the Chaplaincy, which was provided by successive Rectors of Liverpool.

Miss Edwards was in many ways an old-fashioned kind of Head Teacher, somewhat forbidding in manner and a firm disciplinarian who set very high standards; but she was passionately concerned for the wellbeing of the girls, a number of whom kept in touch with her after retirement, to her great delight.

Miss Edwards had significant health challenges and was often in considerable pain, a fact which she took care to conceal at the time. She accepted early retirement in 1991, two years before Huyton was absorbed into Liverpool College. After prolonged tests she underwent major spinal surgery the same year. Her retirement was spent in Great Malvern where she died, having faced up to a diagnosis of cancer, inoperable, with her customary discretion, resilience and considerable courage.

Written by former colleagues from Huyton College