Prep School Rugby v Scarisbrick Hall

The sun shone over the school pavilion as a new Rugby season dawned for our now-seasoned Year 6 squad.
For some (including me!), this Saturday fixture was a new venture, while for others it was old hat. Our boys arrived looking resplendent in their school uniforms, and after a quick change it was time to warm up. The team were put through their paces to get rid of any early-season rustiness, as we prepared for our opponents arrival. When this came, a few nerves may have kicked in as we witnessed what seemed like a small nation of stripe-wearing, scrum cap bearing boys march across our rugby pitch. However, whatever nerves were there soon dissipated as the game began. From the very first minute (and there were many of them to come!) our boys looked fired up and ready. A couple of quick early tries saw us well on our way.
As the game progressed, the legs started to get a little tireder. We were playing a new 'four quarters' system, with each quarter lasting just less than 15 minutes. This was alright for the team with millions of players, but for our brave squad of just 11 it meant a grueling near hour of rugby in the increasing hear - far longer than many had ever played. The third quarter saw the fatigue begin to tell, as our opponents scored 3 quick tries in reply to set up a thrilling final act. However, a combination of sheer determination, and a promise of financial reward for every completed tackle from the Principal himself, saw a sudden upsurge in effort in the closing stages, seeing us through to a 7-3 victory.
My congratulations must go to Layton N, Jude F and Finn S for scoring some excellent tries, amongst others. But my man of the match was Charlie P - a boy who has played very little rugby, but you wouldn't have been able to tell from the way he applied himself on the pitch. A very pleasing first result, and I look forward to the rest of the season!

Mr P Stamper (LC+ Curriculum Leader)