Renewable Energy

Aeronautical Engineer Sophie Orme was welcomed into Liverpool College on Friday to deliver a fascinating talk to pupils in Year 10 and Year 9. Specialising in renewable energy methods, Mrs Orme first contextualised the current environmental problems, explaining global warming, climate change and the reasons for the current climate emergency, including the world population explosion and how energy use has increased at the same exponential rate as GDP/capita leading to increased carbon dioxide and methane emissions – leading to global warming.

Mrs Orme then revealed the proposals by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, October 2018 to reduce the global surface air temperature. She discussed twelve different forms of renewal energy methods and how moving to 100% renewable energy will have immense environmental benefits. Mrs Orne is currently working in Cornwall on a Local Renewable Energy project. The talk certainly demonstrated that we can all make a huge difference.

Mrs Doran