Astronaut Talk was Out of This World

Liverpool College was thrilled to welcome Jaclyn Bell to Liverpool College this week to talk about STEM and careers in Space travel and Space Tourism. Jaclyn’s life-long ambition to be the first scouser in Space. Jaclyn was chosen to train as an astronaut on the BBC programme: ‘Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?’ Jaclyn spoke to students about her journey from an ordinary school in Walton, to studying Mathematical sciences at University, to achieving her PhD as a particle physicist – to being hand selected for an astronaut training programme by the former Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield.

Jaclyn showed the students videos of her astronaut training, including flying a helicopter, underwater survival skills, battling claustrophobia tasks, self-medicating, multitasking memory challenges, centrifuge acclimatization experiences and working under pressure. The pupils were even given the opportunity to test their own problem solving skills.

Jaclyn explained to the pupils that they are never too young to start preparing for their ambitions and to recognise the core skills they need to be able to achieve their dreams. Her underlining message was that they have one life – so why not aim for the stars.

Mrs Doran