Non-Fiction Writing Day in the Prep School

We welcomed Mary Colson to the Prep School this week. Mary is a talented writer specialising in non-fiction. She has written over 50 non-fiction books for children on topics ranging from Einstein, secret codes and the ozone layer to Toni Morrison, sports poetry and Beyoncé. Mary has also written reviews for various publications and literary websites including the TMS theatre awards and The Times.

Mary spoke to all the Prep School about how to write non-fiction texts and then delivered a More Able journalism and non-fiction writing day for Year 6. More Able students from 6 other schools across Liverpool were also invited to attend the workshop. The workshop was absolutely superb - building upon current and breaking stories from events happening in Liverpool. The pupils were incredibly engaged.

Well done to all the pupils for their outstanding enthusiasm and superb, sustained writing skills.

Mrs Doran