Live Assembly Broadcast!

Liverpool College pupils were involved in a superb opportunity on Friday when they were invited to take part in a live assembly organised by STEAM Schools –conducted through video conferencing and broadcast to the world LIVE! The assembly celebrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Enterprise and Maths.

Archie, a Y6 pupil, explained how he had been inspired by a live interview with HADO Sports (a company that combines augmented reality technology with a competitive sport) to re-engineer a virtual reality headset for people to wear whilst playing sports. Archie won a STEAM schools award for his superb design, winning an Amazon gift card and certificate in Engineering.

Hugh, Amelia and Emily were also interviewed live by the CEO of STEAM schools, explaining how they have been inspired by STEAM school live interviews with big names in Tech such as Pokemon Go, Fortnite and Instagram, learning about topics last term such as how augmented reality, free roam TV, motion tracking, immersive technologies and how Instagram filters are created.

After pupils watch the interviews with these pioneers, they are then asked to participate in a series of individual challenges to develop their own skills. Emily (Y5) created a poster explaining how Pokemon Go uses Augmented Reality Technology and designed her own gaming idea which combined Pokemon Go with Ultra Leap’s - Leap Motion technology to use hand tracking to enhance a virtual reality experience. This project was sent to Pokemon Go!

Mrs Doran