Antimicrobial Resistance and Biological Sensing Talk

Liverpool University’s Department of Science and Engineering delivered a superb talk for Year 9 this week when Dr Ian Sandall led a fascinating video conference lecture.

Dr Sandall first introduced pupils to the innovations currently being developed in Liverpool by Engineers and Scientists – from image recognition and tracking, robotics to drone technology to deliver medical supplies. Dr Sandall then explained his own current research in antimicrobial resistance which can be used for surface and air decontamination. He explained how this technology used antimicrobial resistance to make controlled plasma bolts to decontaminate surfaces and decontaminate wounds to promote healing. Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, Liverpool University has been working directly with Liverpool hospitals to see if this technology can be used to decontaminated PPE one use items to allow then to be safely reused during the world wide shortage. He is also developing a new handheld optoelectronic camera which would allow for diagnostic testing of blood sampling to create a handheld and portable piece of equipment which would revolutionise blood testing in the UK.

Our sincere thanks to Dr Sandall for this fascinating insight into the world of Science and Engineering.

Mrs Doran