Medical Mavericks

Year 10 and Year 11 pupils were wowed this week when a real doctor delivered a fascinating talk about careers in medicine. What was particularly unusual was Tom’s use of real medical equipment, which he demonstrated live.

Tom demonstrated a pulse Doppler that would be used by a vascular scientist to listen to the cardiovascular system and health of an artery – including triphasic, diphasic and monophasic pulses.

He used an ultrasound on himself to view carotid artery and to compare the size of arteries and veins. He demonstrated live an ECG, used by a cardiac physiologist, to explain how the health of a heart beat can be measured by observing the wave patterns. What was particularly fascinating was that Tom was diagnosed with Covid three weeks ago and was still suffering from symptoms. This was picked up in his ECG with unusual heart beats detected. The spirometer test he conducted live also showed his lungs were working at only 60% - which just shows what an impact covid can have on the health of a young and otherwise very healthy individual. The fact these tests were conducted live was so intriguing and relevant to the pupils. The infrared blood scanners were also fascinating. Designed by medical engineers, the infrared blood scanner projects a real-time video of a person’s veins projected onto their skin – vital for looking for veins to allow patients to give blood.

To end the live presentation, Tom played a video of him using an ultrasound to find out what happens to your bladder when you go to the toilet and a video of his bronchoscope. Students were able to see how his voice box works and his tracia all the way to his lungs.

The talk, organised by Mrs Doran and financed by the Wilton Trust, was open to all pupils in Year 10 and Year 11. A truly fascinating and unique experience to demonstrate the wonders of the medical field.