Year 13 Talk: The World is your Oyster

In a time of global uncertainty, have students ever considered the possibilities offered by working abroad and what the implications of this might be? This week, Year 13 students were given an opportunity to get a realistic look at that option when Katharine Crompton delivered a stimulating talk about her life working and studying abroad. Employed as an ESL teacher, Katharine has worked in both Japan and China teaching English as a second language. Katharine’s desire to work abroad started, for her, in Year 13, when she selected a University degree that required her to study overseas for a year. Attending Mejiro University in Japan, she recognised how the different cost of living in other countries led to inflate wages in real terms, providing a higher standard of living. Katharine then gave a demonstration as to how you can teach English as a second language, even when you don’t speak the language of your students. Using a combination of facial expressions, visual clues and artefacts, Katharine taught the students a little Chinese. Currently working in Shanghai in China, Katharine spoke with passion and zeal about her chosen profession and the wonderful opportunities it can provide.

For anyone interested in further information about working abroad, please contact Mrs Doran.  

Mrs Doran