Michaelmas Term Awards - Extra-Curricular Sport and Games

Congratulations to the following secondary pupils who have been awarded half term awards for their outstanding contribution to extra-curricular sport throughout the Michaelmas Term. Pupils have been awarded sports certificates, 10 House Sports Points and a ‘congratulations email’ will be sent home:

Year 7

Y7 Howson’s: Erdis R - Summer B

Y7 Selwyn’s: Elsa M - Billy C

Y7 Brook’s: Freya FJ - Jack T

Y7 Butler’s: Isla L - Jack P

Y7 Howard’s: Orla C - Kingston A

Y7 School: Summer T - Elliot H

Year 8

Y8 Howson’s: Ava O'K - Jake G

Y8 Selwyn’s: James A - Erin J

Y8 Brook’s: Mary M - Tom P

Y8 Butler’s: Imogen R - Charlie Y

Y8 Howard’s: Maisie MH - Maleek A

Y8 School: Ali M - Elinor G

Year 9-11

Y9: Olivia C - Marcus F

Y10: Mia P - Lucas M

Y11: Charlie H - Niamh O'K

Mr Cook (Director of Sport)