Art through Lockdown: Professional Artist Lessons

Year 3 are currently studying L. S. Lowry in Art this term, so who better to teach how to draw in his style but professional artist from The Lowry Centre – Paul Pickford. Each week, pupils have been receiving a live workshop by this amazing artist, who delighted pupils with both his knowledge about Lowry and his exceptional artist talent.  Year 3 pupils have been able to follow his step by step live demonstrations to create unbelievable art work. Initially, they explored ‘perspectives landscapes’ and looked at how Lowry used line and shape and shading to add depth of perspective to a street scene. Then they focussed on ‘The Portrait of Ann’ and learnt how to measure the proportions of a face and add emotion and context. Finally, they used the picture "A Fight" to see how Lowry left visual clues so that his pictures told stories to create a narrative through art. All the pupils have benefited from his exceptional expertise. A sincere thank you to Paul for sharing his talent with us and to the Wilton Trust for supporting the school and making the event possible.  

Mrs Doran