KS3 Masterclass - Using Critical Thinking as Your Superpower?

Fake news – can you recognise it? Over half term, KS3 More Able pupils were invited to an interactive masterclass offering an introduction into critical and creative thinking and how to applies to everyday situations. The workshop was led by Alex Elliott and Tom Ziessen, the Managing Directors of Oxford Catalyst, they specialise in how to teach young people to think critically and creatively, to analyse important issues and think for themselves. During the session, pupils learnt how and when they would need to apply critical thinking skills in the real world, from establishing what is and isn’t fake news, knowing whether to sign an internet petition, to deciding which points should be included in an essay or knowing how best to see things from different perspectives and win an argument. An incredibly important message with real-life applications – the pupils who participated gained a great deal from the experience.

Mrs Doran