MCC Fixture

On Tuesday, we welcomed the MCC to Liverpool College, for our prestigious annual cricket fixture. This year, the team included young talented cricketers from various schools in the area, including three of our own Liverpool College pupils (Adam S, Michael P and Leo B).

A fine bowling performance from the College representative team, reduced the MCC team to 105 all out. Struggling at 34-4, a strong middle order partnership had the College team on the bring of victory at 84-5 at tea but what followed can only be described as a monumental collapse. Nervousness and uncertainty ensued and the College team could only muster another 16 runs, for the loss of the remaining 5 wickets giving the MCC team a five run victory.

Many thanks go to our catering and grounds staff, for their continued support of this fixture. The MCC, as they do every year, highlighted how well they are looked after when they attend Liverpool College.

Mr Heeley


CCF Introduction to Sailing

Some Year 9 pupils enjoyed a trip to the Liverpool Watersports Centre yesterday for an introduction to sailing organised by the CCF. Pupils reported back on their experience:

On Wednesday 19 June, a few pupils from Year 9 went to Liverpool Watersport Centre to do an introduction to sailing. When we got there we had a small group chat with a member of the water sports centre but he also worked for INEOS (who sponsor the sailing training).

INEOS are a British sailing team who compete all over the world. Their team principle is Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is the 3rd richest man in the UK. He paid 51 million pounds for the American boat they use in competitions. The most famous crew member in Sir Ratcliffe’s team is Sir Ben Ainslie. He is their skipper who has won 4 gold medals at the Olympics. The skipper is responsible for the boat and is known as the heart of the vessel. Sir Ainslie got into sailing at the age of eight and entered his first competition at ten years old. By the age of nineteen he was chosen for his very first Olympic games. Since then he has become the most successful Olympic sailor ever to exist.

After we got shown what we would do and got told about INEOS we went to get changed into our gear. We wore a wet suit, a buoyancy aid, a helmet and an INEOS Rebel Crew bib. We were taken down to the water edge and were told to set up our sailing boats. We had to put the mast in position and lock it in; we put the boom on and opened up the sail. After we pushed the boat in the water we got in and we were sailing two minutes later. We got shown how the boat works and what to do. At this point everyone was really nervous but even more excited. We got used to the boat with only half a sail and once we were confident we opened it up to a full sail.

The weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining, the wind was strong but not to strong and the day was perfect. When you caught the wind in your sail you sped through the water really quickly. The feeling of the water splashing on you and the wind blowing in your face is one of the best feelings. Sailing requires a lot of concentration however it is really fun. One of the trickiest bits is when the boom moves to the other side and you and your partner have to change sides in the boat. The boat rocks and it feels like it is going to capsize any minute but you have to be confident and move to the other side while holding onto the rope. I think the best bit is when you finally pick up wind and you have control of the rudder and turn around in a circle.

Water sports is an experience which most people don’t really think of as an experience. It is really fun and you learn really good skills from it. Water sports improves your concentration skills, your listening skills and most importantly your team work skills. If you don’t like the idea of sailing, you can do wind surfing or learn how to drive a power boat. There is such a wide range of things to do in water sports and I would love to come back to do my stage one sailing certificate. Five months ago if you told me I would really enjoy water sports I would have laughed but now I can’t stay away from the water. Liverpool Watersports Centre offers so many opportunities and I would love to go back to do other water sport activities.

Thank you Liverpool Watersport Centre and INEOS for the amazing day the Year 9 group had!

Éva-Stefania M (Y9 Butler’s)


My trip to the docks was very delightful, first we were told about the equipment we were going to use, got into our kit (wetsuit, buoyancy, bib and helmet) and set up our sailing boat. We were given head overs/snoods to wear and take home as a souvenir. The company was INEOS and we were sponsored by Jim Ratcliffe – the 3rd richest man in the U.K. I also learnt that you can do work experience there and get a part time job, which seems more exciting than working in an office all day.

The weather was perfect for sailing as it wasn’t too windy but there was a breeze and it was quite warm as well. At first, I was nervous and excited but getting on and sailing was fun. As I was sailing me and my friend took turns to steer and because we were doing so well we chose to go full sail; considering it was our first time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would go back again.

India-Skye A (Y9 Butler’s)

The manager of the Watersports centre reported that it was a pleasure to have our pupils and they have been invited back in September so they can continue with their sailing experience.


Latest Edition of the College Column

The latest edition of the College Column has now been published and it is bursting with quizzes and reviews as well as motivational quotes, articles on Ramadan and plastic pollution and the latest house competition results and league table.

Download your copy here


Impromptu Lunchtime Concert!

In a brief spell of dry and sunny weather last week, one of our Year 7 pupils decided to entertains his peers with an impromptu lunchtime concert!


Prep Science Week

Our school has been filled with gasps, whoops, wows, screams, thuds, fizzes, sparks and bangs all week.

On Monday, we began our 3 day adventure into the three strands of science - Biology, Physics and Chemistry. We started with Biology, looking at 'Our Amazing Bodies' and we jumped straight into the gory and fascinating details that come with such a topic. We learnt about Marie Curie, a scientist who invested so much of her life into the discovery of new elements and processes that still have a huge impact on the way we treat illnesses and broken bones in our bodies to this day. The pupils then ventured off back to their classrooms where they dissected hearts, created blood, built rib cages, mapped out their bodies, printed their finger prints and built skeletons down in the Forest School.

Day 2 arrived and zapped us awake after such a busy first day. We met once again for an assembly where we learnt all about 'The Power of Electricity'. We looked at Thomas Edison and the resilience this man showed when creating the first successful light bulb for the world to use. We then got out our Van De Graff generator and hooked Miss Tomkins up to it so that we could charge her up to 100,000 volts. Fortunately for her, this was completely safe as we made sure she wasn't part of a complete circuit so that the charge merely built up inside her body rather than running through her. We watched then in amazement as her hair stood on end because she was so full of negative charge. Once we had safely discharged her we explored what other materials could build up static electricity. Did you know you can make Rice Crispies act like a firework? Once again, after this assembly the children shot like lightning back to their classrooms to charge up their own experiments. Here they explored the same static electricity that they had seen in assembly and tried to bend water, lift salt without touching it, stick balloons to the wall and create flying rings. They created circuits, baked electrical dough, and tried their best to receive no shocks.

If day 2 didn't shock them though, we made sure that day 3 would. Day 3 arrived with a bang, you might have heard it or at least heard about it. Our theme for this day was 'Chemical Reactions' and we definitely had a few of these up our sleeves. We started by looking at the famous scientist Alfred Nobel and looked at how his work of inventing dynamite had truly changed the world, but had it been a change for good or for bad? Eventually, we saw how this man left a legacy of peace and discovery in the form of the Nobel Prizes which also took us back to our first day of science week and our scientist Marie Curie who in-fact won 2 Nobel Prizes in her life. Not long after that, the environment became a little heated. We watched multiple endothermic reactions that wowed and amazed us. We created elephant toothpaste, lit up the room with glow sticks, created a fireball from the Great fire of London and sent a rocket flying across the room (the first attempt was extremely loud). From this the children were fired up to go out and create their own lava lamps and of course a huge variety of rockets.

What a week it's been. Bring on next year.

Mr Ainscough


Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Mr Mike Coombs, our busy catering manager. Mr Coombs' employer P and A Catering have selected him from among their more than 400 employees as Employee of the Year.

Mike has been recognized for his cheerfulness, enthusiasm for innovation, ability to grow and expand catering (in the past decade he opened three additional kitchens in the College and built an excellent catering service for our boarders as well). Even today he met with our Prep School pupils to announce what he would be doing to improve recycling and reduce the environmental footprint of our service.

Well done to Mike and to all his great team for this honour.


Prep Charity Champions

A massive thank you to everyone who brought in sponsorship for our Race for Life. Together, we raised an unbelievable and staggering amount of £6109.22

All donations were greatly appreciated and it was incredibly inspirational to see pupils work together in form teams to make sure they raised as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, a charity dedicated to saving lives. Your generosity has been overwhelming. It was clear talking to the students that this is a charity very close to their hearts.

The form Charity Champions prize went to 5P, narrowly winning thanks to a last minute envelope, aptly labelled ‘To help the ones who need it most.’ As a thank you, they were rewarded with a CRUK collection bucket - literally filled to the top with sweets!

Form champions were:
3P Isaac, 3Q Alexa, 3R Evelyn, 4P Bailie, 4Q Ava, 5P Aimee & Finn, 5Q Rose, 6P Alexander Y and Luke, 6Q Mary.

My sincere thanks to every single person who brought in donations. Every penny raised will make a difference. You are all my heroes.

Mrs Doran