Journey to the Land of Fire and Ice

During the October half term, 56 pupils across Year 10-13 took part in a Geography trip to Iceland as part of our broad LCA+ curriculum that advances our mission of Learning with Character.  Miss McCartney reports on their adventure:

We visited glaciers, geothermal springs, waterfalls and walked between the Eurasian and North American plate. Pupils developed a deeper understanding of the geological forces that shape our planet with a trip to the lava museum and they certainly enjoyed themselves swimming in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon. Once of the most exciting parts of the trip, was trekking up to the top of Vatnajokull glacier only to travel far beneath the glacier to look at the internal mechanisms of this giant ice cap.

Thank you to all staff and pupils for making this trip one to remember.


Lerpoolians on Tour

In early November, two of our pupils, demonstrating the Lerpoolian characteristics of purpose, passion and challenge, took part in two performances of Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem, one performance in Hannover and one in Liverpool. Here is their experience.

Trip to Hannover

In November I went on a trip with the Liverpool Cathedral Choir to Hannover to sing in a concert of Britten’s War Requiem.

The concert was to commemorate 100 years since the end of the 1st World War. In the spirit of reconciliation a concert was arranged with musicians from both Liverpool and Hannover. The concert was performed in both cities. The concerts were huge with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, an orchestra and choir from Hannover, soloists and the boys of the Liverpool Cathedral Choir and Knabenchor (Hannover Boys Choir). It was an intense 4 days in Germany with lots of rehearsals and 2 concerts. There was time, though, for sightseeing, meeting the mayor and football! I made some good friends in the Hannover Boys Choir. Fortunately their English was better than my German so we could communicate!

Despite the hard work it was an amazing experience to be part of the commemoration of 100 years since the end of the 1st World War and to be part of a celebration of peace.

W McQuade (Y7 Brook’s)


Jujitsu Introduced to Liverpool College

The first term of the academic year has seen a number of new sports introduced to Liverpool College such as Gaelic Football, Girls Rugby and Futsal. Last Friday saw another sport being introduced to the College - Jujitsu.

Sixteen Senior School pupils entered the Sports Hall after school in engage in an hour of fun, learning the basics of Jujitsu. The pupils took off their shoes and socks to stand on the mat to learn the fine art of Jujutsu with an experienced teacher. The laughter from the pupils could be heard out in the corridor as the pupils made new friends, had lots of fun, whilst also demonstrating incredible discipline to complete a number of exercises.


Poet Visit to the Prep School

On Tuesday, Year 4 were very lucky to have a special visitor to help us with our English. Terry Caffrey is poet in residence at the National Football Museum, Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield and Citadel Theatre in St Helens. He was commissioned to write by the Roald Dahl Foundation and had the lyrics to one of his songs chosen to be one of the official children’s songs for the 2012 Olympics. Terry has won many awards over the years and receives excellent feedback from his events. He showed us how to get creative with words, not to mention how much fun you can have with them! The children wrote some fantastic short poems all about things they were able to hear. Thank you to Terry for a very memorable day!


Unilever Engineering Competition

Selected Year 9 pupils are taking part in an engineering competition organised by Unilever - the pupils report from their planning day:

Having been selected to represent Liverpool College in the Unilever engineering competition, on Wednesday 7 November we were privileged enough to visit the factory in Port Sunlight, we were taken on a tour and completed the initial stages of this important competition.

Firstly, we arrived and were served breakfast followed by the tour. The first room was the processing room. This is where the ingredients were tested and mixed and sent to the processing side. We were able to see the different consistencies and ingredients recognising our favourite brands. Next was the scientific laboratory. This is where new products are developed to find new solutions. Following this we were shown the packaging area. This is where the packaging materials and designs were chosen to appeal to the customer. The variety of complex decisions that is needed at this stage is incredible from bottle shape and size to graphics, ergonomics and visual stimulus.

Towards the end of the day we had a group brainstorm: two Liverpool College teams against one another and against many other schools from across the North West. In March we will return to present our innovative ideas to support our environment, may the best team win…

The Year 9 teams.


Pompeii Trip Review

During half term, Dr McNamara led a Classics trip to the Bay of Naples and Pompeii - Lucy C (Y9 Selwyn's) shares her review of the trip:

Exciting, enjoyable and interesting; three words to describe the Pompeii trip.

I’m going to start off with the travelling: for me, the plane, security, and the coaches were fine, except for that one object that security is cautious about but in the end I got my bag back.

My favourite day out of the whole trip has to be the second day, where we travelled to Herculaneum and had free time in the town Sorrento. Herculaneum was quite easy to find your way around however, whenever you got a bit lost you would always find something interesting around the corner e.g. a house, a painting. We then had delicious pizza for our dinner on interesting Italian plates.

Sorrento was very nice to walk around in the evening and we all appreciated the free time and spent it well. Finally, on that day we had gelato, which was absolutely mouth-watering.

The next day was the day we had all been waiting for, travelling to Pompeii. We were all waiting for this because we had all heard so much about Pompeii from the books we study in school. We visited the amphitheatre, and some of us sang there, we also caught a glimpse of Caecilius’ house, which everyone knows about. Everyone on the trip loved Caecilius so much that the slogan of the trip was “Caecilius est in horto” (Caecilius is in the garden).

On the last day we travelled back at a very early time of 3:00am, which was too early for all of us. When I arrived home I wished the trip would have lasted longer because it was so much fun and very interesting. I think I’m speaking for everyone on the trip saying it was one of the most enjoyable school trips ever. I hope Dr McNamara organises another trip with the Classics Department because I’m sure it would be just as fun.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to Dr McNamara and the Classics Department.


Forest School Fun


Reception One – Forest School


Reception One had a wonderful time last week at their first Forest School session in connection with Liverpool John Moores University.

They spent an hour exploring the forest and collecting lots of beautiful natural items whilst taking part in a scavenger hunt. At the end of the session, the children were delighted to learn how to approach the fire pit safely so that they could roast their own marshmallows on the fire – and the best part was they got to eat them! They ended the day with a very exciting game of forest hide and seek. We are very excited to see what the next sessions will bring.