House Poetry Competition Result

Congratulations to Leigh Y (Y7 Howard's) who was the overall winner of the poetry house competition and also to runner up Summer F (Y8 Howson's). Their poems are published below. The Poetry House competition was organised to coincide with National Poetry Day (October 3) which explored the theme of 'Truth'.


Truth is something you have to give
To at least one person in your life.
Sometimes truth hurts and
That is alright.
When you find out the truth,
And not lies, there are
Many reactions like sad, shocked
Or surprised.
Truth can be good, bad or neither,
But don’t worry, it won’t cause a fever.
If you tell the truth, the rumours
Will not begin to flow.
Tell the truth
And tension will no longer grow.

Leigh Y (Y7 Howard’s)


What does it mean?
Is truth when you tell a friend your secret?
Is it when you never tell a lie?
Is it when you own up to something?
Or is it when you confess that you did something wrong?

Is it when trees blow in the wind,
Whispering in the breeze?
Is it when one person tells another person
What someone did?

What does it mean?
Go find out for yourself.
But remember, you can tell no lies
When you are searching for the truth.

Summer F (Y8 Howson’s)

The overall results for the Houses were:

1. Howard's
2. Howson's
3. Brook's



National Poetry Day - House Competition

This year's National Poetry Day, October 3, will be exploring the theme of 'Truth'. Therefore, with immediate effect, Liverpool College will be conducting, over the next week, a Poetry House Competition for pupils from Years 7-13. Pupils are encouraged to write an original piece of poetry on the theme of 'Truth'.

Poems are to be submitted to Mr Farnan-Stone by October 3 at the latest. Currently, prizes for the winner and the runner up are being discussed. The pieces of writing will be judged by relevant staff. Winners will be announced on October 4.

Thank you and get writing!
Mr Farnan-Stone


Eco-Committee Launch

The Liverpool College Eco-Committee (LCEC) is being established this term. The Eco-Committee will be formed of pupils from Years 7 to 13, and will provide a forum in which our keen Eco-Warriors can discuss the ways in which we as a school, and a community, can act to reduce our carbon footprint. The Eco-Committee will report to the Parliament of Houses at regular intervals throughout the year.

The LCEC will be posting regular updates on the school website as we work towards achieving "Eco-Schools Green Flag" status - watch this space!


Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

The DofE expeditions this weekend were a fantastic demonstration of resilience, teamwork, respect, and skills. Our pupils successfully navigated their way through the Peak District in mostly favourable weather...a rarity indeed. It was rewarding to see how each group overcame challenges along the way and experienced the joy of a success well earned.


Netball Success

On Saturday, four Liverpool College netball teams, boarded an early morning coach on a sunny day to play Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) in Blackburn.

It turned out to be an incredibly successful day for the netball teams as the College came away with four huge wins and impressive individual performances on the court. What a day it turned out to be for the Year 7s who to much delight recorded their first win of the academic year.

The results were:

  • Year 7: 10 - 0 (Aurelie O and Beth M)
  • Year 8: 24 - 2 (Siya H and Thalia R)
  • Year 9: 30 - 4 (Annabel A and Lili L)
  • Year 10: 17 - 15 (Sadie T and Alice D)

Mr Cook
Sports Coordinator


House Charity Work

The sports department at Liverpool College recently organised a Year 7 house run to support a local Foodbank initiative. The money raised from the run was used by pupils from each of the six houses to visit a local ASDA store with the aim of filling a trolley with items. The pupils each had a budget and were briefed by Liverpool College staff on what type of items are needed to support a foodbank. Having filled up their shopping trolley, the pupils paid for their items at the checkout before delivering the items to the onsite foodbank. The pupils were praised for their excellent behaviour and entrepreneurial skills.

Mr Cook
Sports Coordinator


Trip to Cambridge University

On Thursday, 15 Year 12 and Year 13 students travelled to Cambridge as part of our Oxbridge application support programme. Noah R (Y12 Howson's) has written an account of the day:

We arrived at Magdalene College at around 11:30 am. We were given a tour of the grounds and the architecture was amazing. We were also given a tour of the Library which was huge. We were then shown around the student village.

After lunch, at around 2.00 pm we went on a tour of Gonville and Caius as well as seeing a physiology lecture theatre. The rest of our afternoon was made up of several sessions: one where we were given a perspective of how university essays work and how to manage time at university as we were given a university essay style question. Furthermore, we had a session where the Student Liaison Officer gave us valuable advice about the admissions process at Cambridge as well as how to prepare for the exams and teaching at the University. We finished the day by taking a walk to the ‘beach’ at the river where a current student told us a story of how a former student fell into a tourist’s punt at the river.

It was a very enjoyable day with some very good advice which will have definitely helped all of the students when the time comes to apply to universities. We thank Mr Broekman and Mrs Cassidy for taking us.