A Week of Charity House Runs

Throughout the last week of half term, each year group participated in a house run for charity around Sefton Park during their Games lesson. Whilst pupils made a donation to charities such as Cystic Fibrosis, Redholme Memory Care Home and the local Foodbank collection, the sun shone down throughout the week as pupils made the walk to the park. The behaviour of pupils was impressive as they participated in some competitive races.

The results were as follows:

  • Year 7 - George W (School) and Anna R (Butler’s)
  • Year 8 - Ethan D (Selwyn’s) and Megan M (Howard’s)
  • Year 9 - Desmond M (Brook’s) and Libby H (Howson’s)
  • Year 10 - Idris S (Howson’s) and Gabby E (Brook’s)
  • Year 11 - Ruari W (Howson’s) and Madison W (Howard’s) Emily J (Butler’s) (joint first)
  • Sixth Form - Luke R (Brook’s) and Lydia W (Selwyn’s)

Thank you to Mr Cook (Sports Co-ordinator) and the House teams for organising these events.