Y5 and Y6 Business Enterprise Challenge

On Saturday 2 February, Liverpool College was proud to host an event for More Able pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 from across the North West. The event, called ‘Business Enterprise’ was specifically devised to stimulate young entrepreneurs and challenge them to think creatively. Participating pupils were first asked to design a series of innovative new products. They were then challenged to make prototypes, identify their consumer target market, calculate costings and design a marketing campaign. All groups finally had to present a pitch to a team of ‘investors’ who grilled them on their business plans. At the end of the day, parents were invited to the event to listen to their company’s product presentations.

The event was run by Liverpool College’s director of STEM Mrs Doran, and Mrs Hoare, the manager of North West Gifted and Talented. Both were highly impressed by the quality, range and creativity of all the products produced, among which were:

• space saving cupboard door that turns into a desk
• a range of personalised bedroom furniture
• a creative savoury drinks company with flavours such as pizza and lasagne, for those who need to eat on the go.
• a robotic cat called KitKat for those who want a pet without the mess or additional costs

Well done to all the pupils involved. Their creativity and business acumen was indeed impressive.