Forensic Science Workshop

On Wednesday, Y7 Wilton Scholars participated in a Forensic Science workshop to challenge their analytic skills and learn about possible Science based careers in crime prevention and forensics.

The pupils were met as they arrived with crime scene tape. A crime had been committed - someone had broken into the school safe and stolen the cake sale money!

Working collaboratively, clues and evidence were identified, collected, interpreted and analysed. These include fingerprints, impressions, hairs, fibres, 'blood' and DNA.

All of our young scientists were able to successfully analyse the crime scene, eliminate innocent suspects from their enquiries and identify the guilty individual based solely on evidence collected.

The workshop inspired many pupils to find out more about possible careers in STEM fields. The important role of good grades in both maths and science to flourish in these careers was also discussed.

Well done to all our budding scientists.

Mrs Doran