Cultural Trip to Valencia

Last weekend, a group of sixth formers from Spanish and Art went to Valencia to experience the culture and art in Valencia:

As soon as we arrived we came across a demonstration for International Women’s Day through the streets of the city. Men and women were wearing purple-shirts with 8-M printed on them. We noticed some signs saying “quien ama, no mata ni humilla ni maltrata” which translates as “somebody who loves does not kill, humiliate or mistreat women”. In the afternoon we did a tour of the Old Town and had a lovely dinner that consisted in Spanish delicacies, such as “paella”, “patatas bravas” and the delicious “buñuelos con chocolate”.

The next day we had breakfast in the market and took the bus to the Science Museum, the Aquarium and the cinema. In the Aquarium the highlight was the dolphin show, the walruses, the flamingos, the penguins and the jelly fish. We also voted for the best “ninot” to be saved from the fire during the famous Fallas Festival this week. On Saturday night we saw the midnight “mascletá” where a combination of fireworks and rockets were displayed in the skies of the city.

On Sunday we went for a bike ride and watched Levante play against Villarreal in the afternoon. We returned very early in the morning the next day, exhausted but exhilarated following the action-packed weekend in sunny Valencia. Thanks to Mrs Gimeno and Ms McWatt for an unforgettable school trip!

By Beth G, Rhys H, Dan W and Delfina M

On an early Friday morning, we departed Manchester Airport for our combined Spanish and Art trip to Valencia. We arrived around mid-day and sat down for post-flight paella. After relaxing for a bit we unpacked at the hostel, which was located near the city centre. The first day consisted of Mrs Gimeno taking all nineteen of us on a tour of the old town as well as the Cathedral. Some of us opted to walk up the 287 step cathedral tower, which most of us ended up crawling up instead. After the jaunt we attempted to have a good night’s sleep, however, locals celebrating the amazing Fallas Festival had other ideas as they were chanting through the city centre all night.

The second day included taking public transport to the “Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias” (which is the Arts and Science Museums of Valencia) as well as the aquarium (L’Oceanogràfic) where we saw a range of sea creatures, from penguins to dolphins. The “ninot” (puppet) showcase in the museum was amazing, showcasing some of Valencia’s finest artwork in the form of puppets which were voted on to see which were burned or saved during the festival.

On a penultimate day, we started off with a bike ride around the riverbank and the city centre, which was eventful… This was preceded by spectating la Mascletà that was a spectacle to watch.

The final day was a good time to reflect and reminisce about the amazing events which had happened on the trip. The city of Valencia helped make the group bond together through countless dishes of patatas bravas and breath-taking architecture throughout the trip. Overall, the excursion was a memorable one where we embraced Spanish culture, art and cuisine and we would all like to thank Mrs Gimeno and Ms McWatt for this fantastic trip.

By Alex W