Deborah Butler Gallery Visit

On Friday 22 March, a number of art students had the unique opportunity to take part in a gallery visit and lecture with Deborah Butler, an internationally acclaimed artist based at her gallery here in Liverpool.

Students were given the opportunity to visit her gallery and have a tour in her studio, providing a unique visit for the students as well as an essential part of their enrichment and careers guidance. Students enjoyed the opportunity to tour her gallery and studio and interview her about her working practice and gallery business. This was a rare opportunity to talk and work first hand with an artist at their gallery.

Deborah’s paintings explore coastal and urban landscape and she works on range of scales. Her current exhibition is based on coastlines from her visits to Wales, many of our students have visited and made similar journeys to those featured in her paintings, a real opportunity to see how travel can inspire and create Art. Many of our students have selected to join our Arts and Ambassadors Programme and experiences like this not only offer new opportunities for those on the visit but will also prove beneficial to all our pupils as they share experiences from today’s visit with their peers.

Students will be creating their own art work inspired by our visit.

Arts Critique on our visit from our students:

‘I found the visit to be wholly useful and beneficial to me and my aspirations in the Arts industry as a career. Her gallery was a beautiful, cohesive display and I found myself being drawn to the numerous paintings, intrigued by the intricate details and layering.’ Lucy M

‘I really enjoyed the trip to Deborah Butler’s Gallery as it gave an insight into life as an artist and how to run a gallery. I loved how colourful her paintings were, they were unique and unlike anything I’d seen before’ Katy R.

‘The trip to Deborah Butler Gallery was interesting, inspiring and very useful to us as young artists. We are very grateful to Deborah for taking the time to talk to us about her journey as an artist and what has shaped her art. Thank you, Deborah and Mrs Hardisty for organizing this. ‘Amelia S.

‘The gallery was an eye opening experience, which allowed us to explore the reality of life as an artist. I enjoyed the abstract art in the gallery and found it colourful and innovative.’ Gabby M

‘We visited Deborah Butler Gallery and got to talk to the artist herself about her work and experiences, we learnt so much from how to run a gallery business to her inspiration and painting methods- it was a great experience.’ Sean W

‘I found Deborah’s work breathtaking with the textures and colour and how she captures the landscape, keeping the mood of the location intact. I have always wondered how you go about selling your own work as your main income and setting up a business; she answered many of my questions.’ Heather C

You can view this exhibition at her gallery: Deborah Butler Gallery, Greenbank Road, Liverpool, L18 1HN