Support our Recycling Challenges!

This term, 7 Selwyn’s would like the whole College (including families of children in Pre Prep, Prep School and Secondary Phase) to support and join them and Miss Whittell's Eco Club in two recycling challenges:

Challenge 1

The first by donating clean plastic bottle tops. We are collecting them on behalf of the Liverpool College Imagineering Centre. With the help of Mr Cartwright the bottle tops will be recycled by melting and shredding them down to form new plastic materials that students can use when manufacturing their design work. Plastic bottle tops from milk bottles, pop bottles and juice bottles can all be donated. 

Please ask your child to drop them in the recycling boxes in the reception area of Pre Prep and Prep School and also in MV13 and C5 where they will be collated. There will also be a collection point in Godwyn House for the 6th Form. This project will go until Easter and we have set ourselves a target of collecting 2500 bottle tops.

Challenge 2

The second recycling challenge is for families to make Eco Bottles. Eco bottles are a way of collecting plastic which cannot be recycled (sweet wrappers, crisp packets, clean food packaging etc.). To create an Eco Bottle you need to:

  • Use an empty 2 litre fizzy drinks bottle and wash it out. Keep the lid.
  • Cut plastic wrappers into smaller pieces so that bottles can be filled with lots of unrecyclable plastic
  • Once full (plastic can be pushed down to create more room) bring the bottle to your recycle collection point in either Pre Prep, Prep, Middle, Upper School or 6th Form.

Lots of bottles will be needed to create recycled waste bins for Miss Shackell's Forest School and garden planters in Upper School.

Mrs Webb (7 Selwyn’s House Mentor)