Liverpool College Hub Information for Key Workers

Liverpool College is now a Childcare Hub for primary age children of key workers in Liverpool as defined by Liverpool City Council on the link below:

Please check the criteria carefully to ensure that you qualify as a key worker. If you have an adult at home even if you are a key worker your child must stay at home. 

If you qualify for a place in a hub, we are open on Monday 23 March from 9am to 4pm prompt. 

If you are planning to bring your child/ren to us please understand and be prepared for the following:

  • you must bring proof that you are a key worker. This will be checked at the College gate.

  • when you arrive at school for the first time you will be required to complete a registration form which includes contact details, emergency contacts, medical info, allergies, dietary info, SEND needs etc. If your child currently attends Liverpool College you will still be required to complete a form.  BE AWARE THIS COULD TAKE TIME ON MONDAY. PLEASE BRING A PEN- THIS WILL HELP TO PREVENT CROSS CONTAMINATION.

  • if you are driving to school. Please try to park away from the school site and walk to the Preparatory School Entrance.

  • parents will be asked to wait in a designated area when dropping off and collecting from the Hub to ensure the health of the staff

  • Medication: if your child requires medication, has an inhaler, EpiPen etc this must be brought in with them and the appropriate form completed. We cannot administer any medication without signed permission by a parent/carer. 

  • your child needs to come in their own clothes with suitable coats to go outside. 

  • Children are not permitted to bring any electronic equipment or mobile phones. 

  • on Monday 23 all children who attend will get a free hot meal. Following this, parents can pay for a hot lunch; information to follow from the Hub.

  • your child will be in a childcare environment, they will be playing games, doing craft activities, being outside etc. This is not an educational environment. 

  • your child needs to follow and respond to the Hub's behaviour guidance; as it would be in the school they are currently enrolled in. The setting has the right to refuse entry to any child who does not follow the expectations of the Hub. 

  • for those pupils who have designated 1:1 support from a key adult, we cannotguarantee that the 1:1 adult will be available, and/or there will be enough staff to provide 1:1 support throughout the day. Therefore, please give consideration as to whether your child could successfully manage significant changes to their normal school routine, coupled with differing staff and a potential reduction in 1:1 support.

  • any child who is unwell will be sent home as quickly as possible.


We will be receiving an update from the Local Authority on a daily basis in response to local and national guidance. This will be updated on this page. 

There are 50 HUBS across the City, you can use the one which is best for you. 

Below are links to national guidance and advice: 

Closure of educational setting guidance for parents

You can  follow Liverpool's response to the Coronvirus on Twitter and Facebook

Liverpool City Council website updates

Support for families who are entitled to free school meals

If you feel unwell you are encouraged you use the following NHS website rather than ringing 111 straight away

Please be aware that we will not accept any unacceptable behaviour from any Parents or Carers. This is a national crisis and we have been requested to respond to this; remember we are all in this together!