Prep School Weekly Challenges

Mrs Doran has been setting a daily challenge for Prep School pupils. These challenges have covered a range of subjects and are designed to keep everyone fit, healthy, happy and learning! Pupils have been encouraged to share pictures of themselves doing the challenges with each other - to prevent pupils feeling isolated and to encourage participation and a sense of fun. Pupils have also been emailing Mrs Doran photographs, PowerPoint and videos of their completed challenges and Mrs Doran is adding these to the weekly Prep Newsletter.

Some of this week’s challenges:

Bake Off!

Liverpool College pupils participated in a ‘bake off’ this week when they were invited to take part in a cookery challenge. Pupils were asked to either assist in the making of a family meal – or for older students -to make something independently. Mrs Doran was inundated with pictures of all the delicious creations. As this event was so popular, this event will be relaunched again next term so over the holidays, why not practice at home making a favourite family meal ready for Round 2 of the Prep School Bake Off!

Architecture Challenge

Pupils were challenged this week to combine their mathematical and drawing skills to create a scale drawing of a room inside their house. Well done to everyone who sent in photographs of their elevation plans. If you haven’t already done so, why don’t you try to draw a ‘top’ view plan of a room in your house, maybe you could add a key or use a ruler to make sure the scale is correct.

Three Little Pigs Maths Challenge

Prep pupils were set a superb mathematical challenge this week which required them to use skills in problem solving, estimation, multiplication, rounding and even algebra. The task – look outside your house and work out a way to calculate how many bricks were used to build it. The students sent in some quite remarkable calculations – many being asked to re-evaluate their working to make sure they took into account all the external walls. Thank you to everyone who sent in their working – and for all those willing to revise their original calculations.

Poetry Champion

Well done to Seb in Year 4 for sending in, not one, but two pieces of writing this week. As well as a poem, Seb also emailed in a superb video of him reading his own performance poem. If anyone else would like to send in a video to Mrs Doran of you reading your own composition, follow the step by step instructions available in this week’s Challenge of the day - ‘Create your own Video!’ Have fun!

Mrs Doran