Y10 Talk: Immunology and Biomedicine

Year 10 Wilton Scholars were incredibly lucky to participate in a video conference talk about biomedicine and immunology this week. The talk was led by Dr Julio Furlong-Silva, who works at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Julio specialises in ImmunoParasitology - in ‘lay-man’s terms’, how the human body’s immune systems affect lymphatic pathology. Dr Furlong-Silva first explained his current work and placed this in context of the current race to find a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Using his expertise, he explained the main issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and allowed pupils to benefit even further from his expertise by opening up a question and answer session. Many pupils expressed how useful they found the opportunity in addressing some of their current misconceptions and clarifying important information about the virus.

Julio’s current research is developing non-invasive sensor technologies as a replacement for current invasive blood sampling techniques, which could become very useful in the context of mass drug administration programmes. We would like to wish him well with this project.

Mrs Doran