‘I'm a Scientist’ Launch

Y7, Y8 and Y9 pupils have been invited to participate in a new online initiative called ‘I’m A Scientist: At Home’. The virtual activity helps pupils connect with scientists and engineers directly through a secure, monitored online chat forum. This week, pupils spoke to Scientists working in genetics, microbiology, research, medicine, environmental science, computer modelling, bio-economies and chemistry, as well as an environmental councillor, technician and a university professor.

Pupils sometimes struggle to see the applications of science lessons, especially if they don’t currently have science-related aspirations. These meaningful interactions with working scientists are therefore invaluable. It has also helped them discover a vast array of STEM careers available to them – many of which they had never heard of before allowing them to get excited about science and consequently more engaged in lessons. The text-based platform enables all students to have an equal voice, even those too shy to speak up in class, taking direct control of questions they would like answered. A truly inspiring initiative. Liverpool College will continue to utilise this superb programme until July, when prizes will be awarded.

Mrs Doran