‘If You Were An Engineer' 2019-20 results are in!

We have just learnt that we have seven Liverpool College pupils who were selected as winners for the Merseyside and Cheshire region in the 'If you were an Engineer' Competition.

The competition was organised through Engineering Leaders and every child in KS1, KS2 and KS3 was given an opportunity to participate, with Wilton Scholars and those attending Enterprise activities in KS4 also asked to submit an entry. To participate, pupils had to identify a problem they had observed in real life, invent a solution to that problem, illustrate and annotate their creation, promote their product through a descriptive ‘Pitch Letter’ and meet a real engineer. 

We have winners in every category, from every part of the school. This is a phenomenal achievement! 

As their entries were submitted last academic year, the key stage awards are as follows: 

  • Pre Prep - Jacob T, Rowan C
  • Prep - Lucas D, Miranda H
  • KS3 - Alicia E 
  • KS4 - Emily T and George H

As well as receiving medals and prizes, their work will be displayed through the Merseyside and Cheshire Gallery, which will be going live on Tuesday 27 October. Details to follow.

Well done to all our winners and to all those who entered. The standard from Liverpool College was described as superb! 

Mrs Doran