Computer Modelling Workshop and Competition

Following on from a webinar led by professional computer modellers, Mrs Doran has been running a series of drop in workshops for pupils interested in computer modelling. Using the software packages, ZBrushCore Mini, Mrs Doran has been able to teach students how to manipulate virtual clay with 3D modelling tools within the package to digitally sculpt, stretch, skew, polish, stretch and manipulate virtual polygons.

Pupils from KS2 and KS3 were invited to enter a computer modelling national competition, judged by Oscar winner Andrew Whitehurst – a VFX supervisor for Industrial Light and Magic. Using the skills taught in the workshop, or learnt by exploring the craft independently, pupils were invited to create their own 3D designs and enter their favourite designs into the competition. Andrew Whitehurst is incredibly impressed by the standard of designs (which had to be a predatory water alien) already entered by Liverpool College. Winners will be announced after half term. Mrs Doran will also be awarding prizes to Liverpool College pupils for their superb Computer Modelled designs.

Mrs Doran