Eating Insects – Would You Do It and Why?

As part of the Virtual Plus Educational Festival for More Able students, pupils were asked a simple question – would you eat insects?

The session asked pupils to think about what they eat and how it impacts on their own health and the environment. Pupils used the app Padlet to collaborate to identify the carbon footprint of the food in their cupboards. It invited the children to consider why some people think we should eat insects and explored the modern face of insect farming – including here in the UK. Led by educational researcher at the University of Bristol, Dr Verity Jones led the first research of its kind that asked children under 14 years old – would you eat bugs? The Liverpool College pupils participating were absolutely fascinated by the workshop and were positively ‘buzzing’ after the workshop. Well done to all who participated and especially to the 90% who said they would be willing to try a bug burger when we got back to school.

Mrs Doran