NSA Lifts off Learning with Liverpool College Rocket Launch

What better way to launch higher-level scientific investigations than a practical masterclass about Space Travel.

Chapter 9 Wilton Scholars participated in a superb workshop this week called Artemis, exploring the science behind the Moon Artemis mission. Pupils explored the physics behind rocket launches and explored the chemical process of exploding rocket fuel ā€“ including creating their own explosions within the classroom. Pupils were then asked to apply the skills taught to create their own rocket to be tested. The pinnacle of the event involved a crowd-pleasing vertical rocket launch competition ā€“ with the winning rocket reaching heights above that of the school building. The day ended with pupils learning about the physics behind space suit design ā€“ with lucky pupils able to try on a real space suit. It was an out of this world experience that boosted the studentsā€™ interest and understanding of the scientific concepts behind space travel.

Mrs Doran