Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ at Liverpool College is the epitome of our motto, “Non solum ingenii verum etiam virtutis” taken from Cicero "Not only the intellect but also the character."

The EPQ allows students to explore their academic interest further, whilst at the same time developing character traits and transferable skills that are useful in every aspect of future life.  It is a core part of our Sixth Form experience and one that all students complete.

We encourage students to explore any topic they’re interested in, which may or may not match up with their A-Level choices or future plans.

Whatever area of study you really love – whether it’s Engineering, Languages, Sport or Art-based, an Extended Project Qualification gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge AND impress Universities at the same time. 

  • It allows you to explore a topic you are genuinely interested in - either beyond the scope of your A-Levels, or something else entirely.
  • It can demonstrate to Universities that you’re enthusiastic about the subject you’re applying to study especially Medicine, Engineering.
  • Universities value the EPQ, and many make lower offers based upon completion of it.
  • The EPQ is worth half an A-Level in terms of UCAS points - more than an AS qualification.
  • It gives you transferable skills - researching, time management, evidence selection, - which are highly valued by Universities and employers. 

Mr C Leeder, Assistant Head of Sixth Form/UCAS and EPQ Co-ordinator:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.