Liverpool College pupils rocket into success

Liverpool College Ch7 pupils rocketed to success this week when they achieved the coveted award for ‘The Most Innovative Design’ in the Race to the Line North West finals. The Race to the Line competition requires pupils to design and make the fastest rocket powered car, which they then race against other schools.  Every team's car uses the same methods of propulsion and compete over the same track distance. The winning teams on race days are the cars that have the most efficient aerodynamics, have lower mass, have safe, well designed wheels that reduce friction and can survive the forces of a high-speed run. Pupils can modify the wheels, axles and bearings to reduce other points of friction in their design, and can shape or adapt the car body into the most aerodynamic and lightweight shape possible. This was the first time that Liverpool College had ever entered into this competition. Thanks to sponsorship arranged by Mrs Doran, every Ch7 student participated in the challenge. In teams, every Ch7 pupil made their car in DT lessons. Four students were then selected by DT teachers to attend the Regional finals, where they had to design a new car, from scratch, within a strict time limit. Four pupils, Elodie J, Noah J, Carter C and Julia V did an outstanding job and were thrilled to receive the most Innovative Design award during the award ceremony.

Well done to all involved.