Liverpool College is committed to supporting all its pupils to attend school.

Research has shown conclusively that attendance is the essential ingredient of consistent and good progress.

The College takes seriously its duty to do all it can to ensure excellent attendance across every phase of the school.

Please download and read our Attendance Poster that sets out why attendance is so important.


We expect parents and carers to notify the school promptly is absence is unavoidable, usually through illness, and to give an accurate and honest explanation of the reason for the absence, and to provide the address where the pupils will be if they are ill.

NHS Guidance - Is my child too sick for school? - the NHS has produced some guidance to help parents understand when their child can and cannot attend school which you may find useful.

Parents should seek authorisation from school before undertaking any activity which means an absence from school for their child. Without this written request, absence will be unauthorised.

Pupils and parents should expect the College or its representative to visit their homes in the event of illness absence. This is intended to support a pupil who may be ill and to work towards the quickest possible reintegration of the pupil into school.

Pupils whose attendance falls below 93% will not be permitted to participate in school trips or events which further reduce their attendance except those trips or events directly related to national curriculum subjects.

Parents should expect to be fined if their child has 10 or more unauthorised absence sessions (there are two session per school day) in a term.

If a pupil has attended a doctor’s surgery or appointment, they should bring a copy of their appointment note to school.

NHS Guidance - Is my child too ill for school?

Rewards and Recognitions

The College recognises the excellent attendance of individuals, classes and Houses through a series of rewards. These are designed to encourage high attendance.

Further Information

Click here to access further information on attendance and absence in our Attendance and Registration Policy.