Our Commitment to Inclusion and Equity

Liverpool College is a diverse, multi-faith, inclusive school which draws pupils and staff from every community in the Merseyside region and we are determined to become a beacon of excellence in educational practices of inclusion, anti-racism, and equity.

We value and celebrate the diversity of all our school community. We seek to eliminate any form of inequality, bullying, unfair and unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. We are committed to advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations between pupils, staff, parents and within different groups within the school and within our local community and country. We will do all we can to treat individuals with consideration and fairness to secure the best possible educational experience for all.

We aspire to be a school of character where all are included, valued, treated fairly and equally, and empowered to be their best.


Our equality objectives, as agreed with the Governing Body are:

 1.     To ensure that all governors and staff understand and comply with current legislation surrounding equality and diversity, and understand their individual and collective responsibilities, and review relevant school policies and publications to ensure they clearly reflect the aim of inclusivity.
 2.  To promote cultural understanding and awareness, valuing and celebrating various cultures and religious beliefs amongst different ethnic groups within our school community.
 3.  To promote mental health awareness and develop appropriate support strategies.
 4.  To commit to improving accessibility across the College for pupils, staff, and visitors with disabilities.
 5.  Closely monitor and record incidents involving the use of homophobic, sexist, and/or racist language by pupils and ensure consistent action by staff in response.
 6.  To provide role-models for all pupils, ensuring diversity in the staff and governing body, visiting speakers and in leadership roles (including pupil and student leadership roles). 
 7.  To provide appropriate and early pastoral interventions for pupils to promote positive behaviour and inclusion, especially for those groups over-represented in behaviour data (including boys and pupils high on the LC Vulnerability Index).
 8.  To ensure we are actively closing gaps in attainment and achievement between pupils and groups of pupils; in particular boys and girls, SEN pupils and non-SEN pupils and pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium and non-eligible pupils.  
 9. To achieve the Rainbow Flag Award to further promote LGBT+ inclusion and visibility.
10. To regularly review the curriculum, library and reading materials so that they support our drive to support equality and diversity and ensure the positive representation of the diversity of our school.