LCA+ Curriculum Intent

The LCA+ curriculum aims to create:

  • learners who know more and remember more than the national curriculum and the examination and testing content and specification require;
  • engaged learners who are developing better moral, physical, spiritual, emotional and social habits and dispositions;
  • fluent and confident writers and readers;
  • purposeful learners able to use numeracy and critical thinking skills to ask questions and solve problems;
  • passionate learners who know how they learn and who love to learn.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Curriculum Overview

Year 11 Curriculum Overview

Year 9 Key stage 4 options

Please click here to download the 2021-22 KS4 Options Booklet for Y9 pupils

The middle school diploma

The Middle School Diploma is awarded to pupils at the end of Year 9 on the basis of their achievement, progress and participation over three years (Years 7-9).

The objectives of the Diploma are:

  • to recognise achievement, progress and participation for pupils in Years 7 to 9.
  • to develop and encourage the traits of PPC: Purpose Passion and Challenge in our pupils.
  • to create a fitting moment of conclusion and transition for Year 9 pupils.

The diploma is individually presented at an awards event in the Summer Term of Year 9. The diploma is awarded at three levels: Maxima cum laude (the highest praise), Cum laude (with praise) and Pass. Pupils who do not meet all criteria of the Pass level will not receive an award.

To read more about the Middle School Diploma and the requirements for each level of the award, please click here.

Key Stage 4 Courses

Click to download Key Stage 4 Courses 2019-20.


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