Year 6 Videography History Day

Using green screen technology, Year 6 pupils were able to bring history to life this week when they created a video about ‘Life through the Blitz in World War 2’. Starting with Chamberlain’s address to the nation in 1939 announcing the start of the war, pupils assumed the roles of reporters interviewing people ‘of the time’.

The WW2 reporters asked about their reaction to the start of the war and of their life through the blitz. The video then explored Anderson shelters and interviewed children, parents and volunteers involved in the evacuation of children to the countryside.
Working with a professional videographer, pupils wrote and practised each scene, focusing on how characters of the time would have felt and ensuring historical accuracy. The videography taught pupils some of the tricks of the trade of using green screen to enhance the quality of their videos. The final video will be showcased to pupils next week.

Mrs Doran