Careers Update – Amazing New Opportunities!

Following a zoom meeting last week with Laura-Jane Rawlings, the CEO and Founder of Youth Employment UK (an independent, not for profit social enterprise founded in 2012 to tackle youth unemployment), we are delighted to announce that our pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the Young Professional Training which is aimed at 14-24 years olds to boost their life and work skills. This free training on the 5 life skills they have identified will be completed during the NSI programme and pupils will get a certificate to state they have completed the training. This will not only boost their C.Vs  but will also identify and enhance their interpersonal skills. All pupils will then have access to a range of online careers support and events. They will get a weekly support newsletter and as a school, we will receive resources and support for our Careers programme. Laura-Jane is extremely keen to work with our school and as such, we will become a Young Professional Institute. We will be the first Liverpool school to do this.

We have also secured a partnership with InvestIN who are a London-based organisation led by a group of experienced professionals from some of the world's most competitive careers. They provide students aged 15-18 with an immersive experience of their dream career before they start university, so they can get a head-start over their competition. Now their work experience is all online but is still run by working professionals, with interactive activities in over 20 industries including dentistry, journalism and film making. We will get 9 free bursary places on the work experience offered; 3 each term. We will become a partner school which not only means we can access work experience, but we can also access support for our Careers Fairs, support with our Careers programme and access to a range of working professionals to support our pupils. 

Ms Drew (Assistant Careers Leader)