Sporting Achievement 2020-21

The following pupils have been nominated by the PE staff and sports coaches for their outstanding achievement within sport this academic year. This has been recognised through games periods, after school sports, Saturday sport, house competitions and fixtures. We hope to celebrate sport at the school and individual achievements at a sports awards evening in September.

Mr Cook (Director of Sport)
School House
Tom C - Y7
Summer T - Y7
Jamie W - Y8
Elinor G - Y8
Harry Q - Y7
Junior S - Y7
Patrick Q - Y10
Charles M - Y10
Sam B - Y11
Sadie T - Y11
Ciaran R - Y12
Jacob C - Y12
Lena A - Y8
Annabel A - Y10

Sam R - Y7
Summer B - Y7
Oscar F - Y8
Holly W - Y7
Libby H - Y11
Erdis R - Y7
Jude F - Y7
Sebastian C - Y13
Roberto M - Y8
Harry N - Y12

Freya FJ - Y7
Ben M - Y7
Thomas P - Y8
Mary M - Y8
Jan M - Y10
Anna R - Y10
Jude R - Y10

Esme W - Y7
Hassan S - Y7
Maisie MH - Y8
Freddie B - Y8
Charlie H - Y11
Orla C - Y7
Leila S - Y7
Amelia B - Y8
Beth B - Y8

James PF - Y7
Eve R - Y7
Thomas H - Y8
Imogen R - Y8
Jamie M - Y9
Hannah S - Y9
Isla L - Y7
Seth S - Y7
Dennis P - Y8
Charlie Y - Y8
Olivia C - Y8
Dylan D - Y10
Ben W - Y11
Aydin H - Y10

Marco B - Y7
Elsa M - Y7
Anthony L - Y8
Tahlia R - Y10
Rowan T - Y8
Archie M - Y7
Jacob W - Y9
Madeleine E - Y10
Harry D - Y10
Mia P - Y10
Lili L - Y10