AI specialists educate Liverpool College

Is AI something to be celebrated or feared? Will AI make human jobs obsolete? Exactly what will AI technology be able to achieve in the future? These were among the questions raised by pupils from C8, C9, C10 and C11 who were given an opportunity to talk to an incredible range of specialists in the field of AI technology this week. Organised by Mrs Doran, students were able to directly talk to AI experts on a one-to-one basis. The AI specialist involved were:

  • Arunav – a specialist is Conversational AI in business contexts, including Alexa, Siri, Google Home and ChatGPT.
  • Kaushik – a specialist working at Sony AI working on AI for games.
  • Carl– A scientist working on application of AI within science innovations in an emerging technologies lab.
  • Mackenzie – a specialist trying to help identify and alleviate discrimination from AI systems
  • Sheridan– a retired rocket Scientist with the Ministry of Defence who now works at Bletchley Park.
  • Alexander - a specialist researching the use of artificial intelligence to detect the recurrences of cancer from data stored in patients’ health records.
  • Vernan– a computer programmer who teach computers to process language using deep neural networks, which are AI algorithms, to make the computer mimic human language.
  • Fraser – A computer specialist who uses brain scanners and AI to find out how our brain work.
  • Gerard – a research working on how to se AI to help people who cannot live independent lives including helping to feed and dress people unable to perform these activities on their own.  
  • Bea – a researcher in the field on AI applied to biosciences and in particular, developing computer vision.
  • Mohan – a researcher studying ways to enable robots to reason, learn and act more like human and understand the nuisances within human decision making to enable robots to replicate this process.

The future development of AI, and its potential to encompass all facets of human life, is absolutely fascinating and the pupils approached the event with exceptional interest. It as a delight to the pupils to  embrace the opportunity to ask a vast array of intelligent questions to deepen their interest and understanding in this vitally important area. Our sincere thanks to all the volunteers involved this week.